The Quinta

Our vision for the present and future in the words of our Managing Director Christian Seely:

"I have always believed that the great vineyard terroirs of the Douro, which have hitherto found their expression in Vintage Ports or in the other quality styles of Port, had the potential to express themselves through high quality red and white unfortified wines. We know that the grape varieties are remarkable for their quality and diversity, we know that the terroirs can produce greatness: our challenge has been, and remains, to find ways to vinify unfortified wines from the Douro that can take their rightful place among the great wines of the world, alongside the other great classic regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy or the Rhone Valley."

The Future

We are entering an extremely exciting period for the Douro Valley in general, and for Quinta da Romaneira in particular. Though we will always continue to produce highest quality Port wine, the principal focus of our activities is now on the production of great unfiltered Douro wines. The recent successes of these wines – which only began to be produced at Romaneira in 2004 – give a heady promise of great things to come.

 The Douro Valley, long known as one of the great viticultural regions of the world for its Port wines, which have never been better than they are today, is also in the process of re-inventing itself as a producer of great unfortified wines. Romaneira is at the forefront of this revolution: these wines, with their wild Douro aromas, their exuberant fruit, allied with their old world subtlety and finesse, are among the most thrilling discoveries that a wine lover can make today. We encourage you to discover them!